About Docuart

The Docuart Association is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit and apolitical organization implementing educational, cultural and social activities. Through its projects, the Docuart Association is an important cultural operator in the field of cinematography, aiming to ensures cultural diversity, education through culture, the development of local cinematography and contributes to education through culture. In order to complete our mission, we created several cultural projects seeking to promote the Romanian local values, but also to contribute to the formation of new audiences. 

Supporting Romanian and European documentary film, promoting traditional and contemporary popular culture in the national and international circuit of values, initiating cultural projects and carrying out programs in the field; 

Creating educational projects for people who want to live a balanced, healthy life. The projects will be addressed primarily to young people in middle school and high school; 

Providing counseling on issues related to respect for human rights, the development of civic awareness or areas related with the public life.

Development of programs specifically targeted for vulnerable, poor, uneducated and disadvantaged groups; 

Promoting and implementing programs for sustainable development, ecological education and public awareness, environmental protection and conservation.