Improving the school-child-parent relationship, on medium and long term for 200 vulnerable children and 200 disadvantaged parents from the inter-ethnic community by running a parenting program for parents, a mentoring program through non-formal activities for parents and children, a program to combat bullying through film therapy including psychotherapeutic services for children during the implementation period, 20 months. 

Increasing the economic capacity for the disadvantaged community for a period of 18 months by implementing an entrepreneurship program, including financial education and entrepreneurship workshops for 200 children, with ANC accreditation, for 20 adults with entrepreneurial skills, consulting and mentoring 20 adults to develop a business plan and scaling for funding sources. 

Empowering disadvantaged community members to solve problems by creating a Local Initiative Group to achieve at least 10 partnerships, developing a minimum of 12 local awareness campaigns focused on preventing and combating discrimination and domestic violence, promoting the rights of disadvantaged people, sex education, hygiene , greening, resulting at least 3 proposals to the authorities claiming to improve the situation of the community for a period of 18 months.